u/NigwardHolmes [PERM BAN] [120723] [REDDIT]

"u/NigwardHolmes has been officially blacklisted from participating in spaces affiliated with IBC for

  1. Retaliating(removing moderation capabilities and banning) u/Realjoshuniverse, a moderator of r/Immortality 4 days upon submission of a "Reddit Request". At the time of submission, u/NigwardHolmes had the "inactive" tag making the subreddit eligable for a "Reddit Request".
  2. Stating incorrect information in an official capacity. Once again, u/NigwardHolmes has the "inactive" tag as of time of "Reddit Request" submission and weeks prior. The "inactive" tag demonstrates that a moderator has not been considered an active moderator by Reddit's standards. On a reply to the r/RedditRequest post which he posted at 12:26PM EST Thursday December 7 2023 "I currently own this subreddit and actively moderate. I understand if some people want different things from the sub, but make your own then?" in which he later deleted the reply within 5 hours of posting it. This brings u/NigwardHolmes to violation of this principle.

Thank you,